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Champagne Waris-Larmandier. Specialising in Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru and Chardonnay-dominated wines, the Waris-Larmandier style is under-stated, structured and ultra-elegant.

The estate

One look at the flamboyant ‘epoque’ style labels that embellish some of the wines will confirm that Marie-Hélène is passionate about the arts, and loves to paint as well as make jewellery and pottery.

Their domain covers just 5.5 hectares across the Côte des Blancs (for Chardonnay) and further south in the Aube (mostly Pinots Noir and Meunier) with a high average vine age of 32 years (39 years for the Grand Cru vineyards). The family is committed to minimal intervention, with no chemical or systemic treatments for their vines.

Family Waris-Larmandier

Champagne Waris-Larmandier. Marie-Hélène Larmandier is a 5th generation grower from the Côte des Blancs. Marie-Hélène and her husband Vincent created the house of Waris-Larmandie in 1989 and following his death she has continued with the business. Her new husband and three children are now all working with her in the vineyard, winemaking and marketing.

Champagne Waris-Larmandier Wines

Specialising in Blanc de Blancs and Chardonnay-dominated wines, the Waris-Larmandier style is under-stated, structured and ultra-elegant. These are feminine wines – they like to take their time getting ready! All wines undergo extended maturation prior to disgorgement to allow these girls plenty of ageing and time to develop before they are released.

Very fresh and lively, it will dance on your tongue.

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£31.00 GBP

Complements shellfish & cheeses with crisp stone fruit flavours.

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£40.00 GBP

Subtle and floral vintage! Creamy and savoury yet not at all heavy.

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One of Our finest Gift Sets!

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