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Champagnes Michel Furdyna. Michel and Marie-Noëlle produce plump, full-flavoured Champagnes from their vineyards which span 6 villages in the Côte des Bar, the slightly warmer district in the south of the region.

The estate

The wines are dominated by the red Pinot Noir grape which covers 85% of their vineyards. The remainder is planted with Chardonnay and the now rare Pinot Blanc. Historically this variety was traditional in Champagne (now best known in Alsace) though new plantings are no longer permitted.
The Pinot Noir grape creates rich, red fruit aromas and the wines tend to mature and evolve more quickly than those where Chardonnay plays a leading role, especially in vineyards this far south.

Family Michel Furdyna

Michel and Marie-Noëlle Furdyna created their own brand in 1974 and sell their first bottle in 1976. Their nephew Mathieu is working hard with them at the domain getting all the experience he will need to take over in the futur.

Champagnes Furdya Wines

The Furdyna style is developed and forward, providing a slightly more muscular alternative to our Chardonnay-dominated wines, and very much suit the British taste for rounded, toast-y Champagnes with some weight behind them. They are pleasingly approachable, very crowd-friendly and versatile with many dishes.


Ideal for those who prefer a more gentle flavour.

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Consistently voted a favourite during

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Extremely versatile wine. Our posh pink!

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A guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

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Ripe strawberry and raspberry abound. Rich and expressive.

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A gift for connoisseur.

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