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Web Inquiries: 0203 737 8617

Covent Garden: 22 Wellington Street, WC2E, 0207 240 1604

Brixton: Unit 10-11, Brixton Village, SW8, 0207 095 8504

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French Bubbles’ is an artisanal collection of fine quality, limited-production Grower Champagnes with personality and heritage. The carefully sourced selection of 16 different Champagnes, have all been produced by award-winning, family-owned producers committed to creating quality wines from their own vineyards.

Passionate about Champagne, French Bubbles founders, Maud Fierobe  and Stefano Frigerio, wanted to develop a brand with a different and  interesting standpoint and believe they have come up with a unique  proposition that gives French Bubbles that ‘je ne sais quoi’!

Maud, a French native with strong roots in Champagne, and marketing  expert husband Stefano, wanted to bring access to authentic, fine  quality ‘True’ Champagnes at great prices in the UK! Speaking about the high quality offering from FRENCH BUBBLES,Stefano Frigerio comments,

"Our product cannot be found in local supermarkets"

In fact our five family producers are all members of the  association ‘Vigneron Independents’. There is a strong offering of  excellent quality and competitively-priced NV Champagnes, the medals  recently awarded to 4 French Bubbles’ wines at the 2010 IWC are  testimony to this. However, French Bubbles is also committed to  encouraging wine lovers to discover the special qualities and value of  their Vintage wines as well as Grand and Premier Cru styles which are a  permanent feature of their Grower offer.'

Maud continues, ‘At FRENCH BUBBLES we believe that quality is our essence. Our independent producers make champagne with passion and exuberance, with traditional manufacturing methods rather than mass‐produced on a large scale and the proof is in the tasting.’

As well as selling directly from their website, French Bubbles is also very well known for bespoke, distinctive events offering and tutored tastings  which are tailored to suit the individual client’s need from both a  corporate or private perspective.

French Bubbles and the winemakers it represents offer a unique  combination of experience, integrity and quality when it comes to both  production and knowledge of Champagne.


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