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Web Inquiries: 0203 737 8617

Covent Garden: 22 Wellington Street, WC2E, 0207 240 1604

Brixton: Unit 10-11, Brixton Village, SW8, 0207 095 8504

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French Bubbles is not just passionate about Champagne. As strong believers in local producers and local communities, interwoven into the French Bubbles brand is a charitable angle that focuses on local charities and communities within the UK that seek to improve living conditions and family life.

French Bubbles is always interested in hearing from charities who meet the criteria of improving community or family life, and who are looking for partnership opportunities. As well as being keen to build relationships with potential long term partners, French Bubbles’ offering of one off fundraising Champagne Tasting events and experiences also further help support good causes.

Anyone organising an event through French Bubbles has the option of either supporting its Charity of the Month or choosing their own charity to support. Either way, the enjoyment of your event will also ensure you give a little back to a deserving cause.


  • Provide our Champagne for any event
  • Organize our Vintage Champagne bar
  • Supply our Champagne Tasting for Corporate/Supporters
  • Sell our Champagne to Corporate/Supporters
    on your database


  • Champagne at cost price
  • £20 per BOTTLE sold at the event
  • £80 per ticket and £20 per CASE sold at the tasting
  • £20 per CASE of Champagne

Here are some charities we have worked with


StreetSmart raises thousands for homeless charities in your city every year during November and December and now over 90 homeless charities benefit from the campaign.

“Champagne with a conscience. Every bottle of French Bubbles Champagne sold in June raised one bubbly pound for the homeless. What a great way for connoisseurs of fine champagne to help the local community.”

Jennifer Blouet, Manager at Streetsmart


Hospitalty Action is the charity for the hospitality industry, supporting current or past employees of the industry who have fallen on hard times.

"French Bubbles organized a tasting for Hospitality Action that was informal, informative and most of all fun. Just like the champagne I would highly recommend attending a French Bubbles tasting”.

Giuliana Vittiglio, Manager at Hospitality Action


The UK's leading charity committed to improving the emotional well being and mental health of children and young peopleTestimonial

“YoungMinds has been delighted to be selected as French Bubbles charity of the month. The money raised will help raise vital funds to provide information and support to the thousands of young people and parents affected by mental health problems.”

Sarah Brennan, YoungMinds Chief Executive


We provide expert advice, practical support and campaign for single parents.

“We were really pleased to be French Bubble’s Charity of the Month. Moreover, The French Bubbles Champagne Tasting organized at the Century Club has been an amazing fundraising event”

Fiona Weir, Chief Executive

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